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Pretty is looking to offer lots of helpful cool tips and tricks regarding Business Catalyst in our new blog area here but we thought to let you know of another cool resource.

The Adobe Business Catalyst forums is a great area for help and community conversations. It also includes a great document section that has a number of guides and resources from BC knowledge to use jQuery with Business Catalyst.

One of the Pretty team Liam Dilly is currently an Adobe MVP and is very active in this forum and has wrote a number of guides on there. Liam along with the rest of the team will be contributing to our new Pretty Blog as well.
We hope you find out resource and the Adobe resource links below helpful and if you need any more help we are happy to look to do that for you too. Nothing is to big or to small at Pretty.

Helpful Resources

We often do the seaming impossible here at Pretty and Liam shared an awesome bit of jQuery code to allow your Business Catalyst captcha to have a much needed refresh button.:

The newer version 2 of the BC menu module is quite tricky to get your head around at first glance but Liam Dilley wrote a great guide to make that easier for you.
If you need help to implement such features please do not hesitate to contact us at Pretty and we can help you make it happen.

Pretty welcomes all the new designers picking up Business Catalyst and maybe using Muse to build their first websites. To do more you need to start learning the trade which includes knowing HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. This handy guide lets you know how to save time and code writing your CSS with CSS shorthand:

jQuery is a must to take your Business Catalyst site further then you ever thought possible. jQuery is a grate platform to code javascript but it also can have as steep learning curve if your new to coding.
This is one of a number of great document guides on the Adobe Business Catalyst forums to help you step through using jQuery with your BC websites.

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