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Brett Stockley

Director / Owner


The brains behind the operation - Brett was formerly an IT Systems Engineer with over 10 years experience supporting enterprise networks. During this time he earned Microsoft, Citrix and other accreditations including MSCE + Messaging, CNA and ITIL certification.

Brett has years of hands on experience with back-end website infrastructure support, employee leadership, training and client relationship management skills.

Interests include boating, mountain biking and the occasional long distance race. Brett is also a licensed wildlife carer with Sydney Wildlife.

Like life in general Brett believes in a fun and relaxed approach to work and always tries to see the funny side of things!



Digital Producer


Christopher, a Zen master of the digital landscape, joins the pretty team in 2012. He brings with him half a decade of core digital production experience & studio management. Chris has driven campaigns for brands such as Audi, IKEA, The Commonwealth Bank and Johnson & Johnson - across all kinds of online, mobile & print terrain. He thrives off structure, embraces fluidity & cherishes relevant information. When not bending over backwards for his clients, Chris spends his spare time “decisionating” over the many lunch options available, throwing things at his cat and looking for his keys.



Head of Web Development


When we asked Matt what he wanted to say in his bio, this is what he sent us:

"Writes semantic HTML/CSS markup with a heavy focus on web standards. Matt relishes in the challenge of creating pixel perfect websites"

- so we can probably be justified in calling him our resident nerd!

Matt has a keen interest in the latest web trends and all things techy. He completed formal training as a web developer and after graduating, served his apprenticeship at Business Catalyst before moving to Pretty Pollution in March 2008. Matt knows the Business Catalyst system inside out and can generally find a solution where everyone thought there was none.

Matt’s a keen music enthusiast and a soccer nut! He is a die-hard Central Coast Mariners and Tottenham Hotspur follower. Matt's fond of a laugh around the office and in his spare time can be found reading blogs, watching films and often enjoys a nice glass of Jack Daniels (usually by about 2pm).



Creative Head
'Princess Pictionary'



Ellie is 'special'. Her childhood dream was to join the clergy, however all hopes were dashed when her conviction for grand theft auto was barely quashed on appeal. Pushy ethnic parents forced her to study design and this sparked a torrid love affair with typography. But ever restless, Ellie began to see print, illustration, web, photography, motion and broadcast on the side and enjoyed a passionate relationship with each in turn.

She graduated with a masters in Nerd Science and is currently writing a dissertation on He-Man and She-Ra's postcolonial gendered racial relations. Through caffeine and Panadeine-induced hallucinations, she has worked on Telstra™, Coca-Cola©, Jaguar and many others. She likes the wind and the letter 7... lucky for some.



Web Developer


The resident tech head, apart building all the PC's in the office (Including whatever it is he has on his desk) he's also an Adobe Business Catalyst web developer.



Web Developer


Rob is crazy about Websites - it’s what gets him up in the mornings.

After receiving his Diploma in Website Development, Rob has worked with a range of clients providing Front-End Development solutions for websites, Content Management Systems and Email Marketing Solutions.

Rob is very passionate about educating and supporting clients with their websites, and also takes his Fire Warden responsibilities very seriously (keeping the rest of the team on their toes.)

With a smile Rob is always challenging himself to find answers and his motto is:
“You don’t know what you can do, until you try to do more than what you can.”


Di Beauchamp

Marketing & PR


Miss Bossy Boots will make sure you have thought long and hard about it before you write it down!

Di specialises in strategy, it drives her planning and objective setting. Di works with our clients to develop campaigns and communication plans. She also offers copy writing services.

Di has partnered with Pretty Pollution for the past 3 years - when she’s not dreaming up great ideas for a publicity stunt, she’s chasing her kids around the park or driving the neighbours batty with her Opera obsession (Carmen is her favourite and she can sing every part!)



Head of Security


Although Hank has no formal security training he has great conviction, excellent senses and an aptitude and confidence that ensures his success as Head of Security at Pretty Pollution. Hank started his role at the young age of 6 months and quickly worked his way to the top.

Unfortunately in December 2008 there was a robbery while he was asleep on duty. Hank was demoted to Junior Security Officer On Probation. Since then, a renewed commitment to the job has seen him reinstated to his former role.

Hank’s interests include boating, the water, chasing tennis balls in the park and keeping a close eye on clients. Hank loves to attend meetings.

Hanks approach to work is “if the work's slow, have a snooze”.



Pretty Pollution are the complete package!"

Angela - GHM

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