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Electrifying Experiences with Pretty Pollution

Impenetrable customer loyalty... isn’t that what all businesses want? The million dollar question is how we get it!? Drum roll please... Ok, ok so I don’t have the magic answer, but I have something pretty close. Experiential marketing... which is the opposite of the traditional way of telling people about features of a product and instead letting them engage and experience the benefits for themselves. When done right, it is the most powerful tool out there to win brand loyalty.

I don't believe that experiential marketing is one specific marketing tool. It's an idea. A mindset. A focus on creating fresh connections between brands and consumers out in the world where things happen. Experiential marketing tools run in a spectrum from interactive web sites to face to face encounters with consumers and brands.

So how has Pretty Pollution created experiential interactions? An interactive web design was formulated for our client Paul Wakelings Motor Group to stimulate an online playground for their customers. The fully functional website engaged consumers with applications of social media including live traffic and weather updates. Consumers logging onto the Paul Wakelings Motor Group are expecting to find a stock standard website where they can get prices on cars; and instead they are wowed with so much more and find themselves exploring through all the social media applications.

We are living in the age where word of mouth is increasingly important; we make our decisions heavily based on what we and our family and friends have experienced. Putting it simply, if executed right, it will create marketing that consumers will want to get involved in!

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They have a superior product with fantastic customer service."

Jen - Madison Lane

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