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Pink newspapers, hot chips and marketing magic is the key!

How lovely to see the Sydney Morning Herald embracing the pretty in pink theme for Octobers national breast cancer awareness month! Campaign creators must be still basking in the glow of major marketing glory. What's next - pink Christmas Trees? Probably!

The Breast Cancer Awareness 'pink partner' theme is a great marketing lesson for all of us. Research and plan, then choose a strategy and stick to it.

Reinforcement rather than reinvention ensures the message will get through sooner or later.

When campaigns succeed, the results can be staggering - in fact, your business may not even be ready for it. When Pretty Pollution Creative Director, Jill McMahon and Marketing Consultant, Di Beauchamp developed a strategy with Sky Glass creators Bevelite Glass, the company embarked on its first strategic marketing enterprise in its 25 year history.

A revolutionary new glass product that means designers and builders can legally and safely use glass for balustrades, in walls, roofs and flooring - Sky Glass is a product in the right place at the right time, using the right approach.

A mix of internet, print, events and direct mail got the message to the target and the phones began to ring almost immediately. The process began with a market identification exercise. Who needs to know about the product? What do they look like, how would we describe them if they were a person, a car or a dress?

With this knowledge we investigated the target through some ad hoc research, got the words and imagery right and launched the product. A hit with consumers from the start. Find out more about Sky Glass here.

If it seems simple - it's because it is.

Marketing is a process - not magic... a little magic helps, but it's not to be relied on!

Know who you are targeting - open your eyes to marketing messages that already aim at this group, consider whether these messages work (or not). Be inspired and then get some feedback on your gut feel.

Understand what is unique about this product, what puts it apart from the competitor - exploit that.

Make a plan, create your campaign elements, tell the world and remember -
"good things happen to those who hustle." (Anais Nin, French Author!)

And what of the SMH? As it was pink I was expecting good news… oops, can't have everything but I was thinking hot chips would certainly look all the more lovely in a pink printed wrapper!

To discuss how more strategic marketing could help your buisness, call or email.


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Their commitment is unsurpassed in today’s market place"

Peter - Park Plumbing

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