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Pay per click (PPC)

Pretty is a Google Adwords Certified Partner.
Google Pay Per Click marketing, or PPC for short, uses short targeted paid advertisements that appear high in Google Search Results to attract the right traffic to your website. Pay Per Click can generate highly targeted and qualified leads for strong return on investment.

PPC can be fiercely competitive so you need the best team working for you. Our Pay Per Click specialists work closely with our SEO team to ensure a unified search marketing strategy is delivered. Pretty bridges brands and fans together to create scalable engagement with fullĀ­-service offerings.

Pretty directs and manages your PPC account in line with the projects specific goals as discussed with out clients. Customised research and creative advertising targeted to specific audiences, we customise your campaigns to run at the best times to customers in specific locations. We evaluate campaigns regularly to further improve conversion numbers, click through rate and keyword quality score.

Ensure positive returns on your PPC investment

Pretty's process is to create, test and measure campaign success on a minimal budget, optimise and measure campaign ROI to prove value, then incrementally increase spend in line with return on investment.  Our approach to PPC is measurable and in almost every scenario we are able to acheive positive returns on the money you invest. We can report on advertising impressions, we can report who clicked though to your websites product or service, we can report who converted online. With this information on hand we can discuss the strategy and ensure positive returns.

Google PPC strategy for new ventures

If you're new to a market and looking to build brand awareness talk to us about how Pretty can use a modest budget to quickly bring awareness to your product/service in a particular area or demographic. If you're thinking about branching into a new market or launching a new product / service, talk to Pretty about how we can use Google PPC to validate interest an reduce the risk involved.

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