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Print Design


Design that solves problems! Each member of our team has their own specialties and interests. Some love to design campaigns and direct photo shoots, while others love simplified and clear communication. We believe that simple is always better and we invest time to understand your business, brand, your customers, and the culture. From this, we build a strategic foundation to form tactical executions. We focus on the message to convey and develop a design to help people engage with the brand and business.

Some of our best results are achieved when we work in multidisciplinary teams. We assemble project in groups, by working with Designers, UX Architects, Copywriters, Developers, Producers, Strategists, Data and Analytics experts or a Creative team to produce award winning results.
Whatever the combination, excellence is achieved.



Pretty helps brands succeed. We help identify a brand’s narrative and develop the messaging to target audiences to create advocacy and endorsement. Pretty delivers bespoke communication strategy and corporate identities for businesses who believe in good design. Our clients think beyond the confines of their business and into future possibilities for their brand development. Thriving between the online/offline space we achieve the right balance of visual, tactile, strategic and creative results.

We're for those who aren't content to be just a business, but to live as a brand. For those who know that they provide much more than just a product or service, they facilitate an experience.

Digital Design


The Pretty Digital Team builds and designs all things digital – from Website Design to mobile design to banner campaigns. We work closely with Creative, Strategy, UX and Design to grow and develop ideas. By utilising the full range of digital channels and technologies, we strive to deliver exceptional experiences to our users.

By looking into user insights and analytics, we streamline business requirement strategy across relevant digital forums.
We work with our clients to re-­imagine their websites, website design and online presence and help them reach new markets, discover new revenue and stand apart from the competition. From websites to mobile apps and online marketing campaigns through to in-store and exhibition displays we build and design successful, effective interactive components for our clients.

By staying on top of future trends, we are always learning to stay ahead of the digital world. We’re not bounded by our skill set at any one time. We adjust, add and structure it to suit the needs of each individual project.



Creating ideas that work from traditional to digital advertising. allows campaigns to live across multiple channels. We do digital, print, and more. Online or print advertising is an important means for getting your message out. We’re constantly re inventing ways to make advertising effective and consumer focused for clearer client renewal. It’s an approach that leads to consistent, truly integrated campaigns and brand experiences that consumers want to share with others.

Due to our unique approach, we create campaigns that are integrated and consistent in ways that go beyond the superficial. The result is excellence.

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