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This is the good news!

Pretty Pollution doesn't mark up your hosting costs. We set you up to pay Adobe Business Catalyst directly. That's right, you're invoiced directly from Adobe Business Catalyst at wholesale rates.

Why do we do that?
It's simple, we believe in "a fair days pay, for a fair days work". That means you get what you pay for, so you can manage and control your own costs. It's simple that way.

Our clients think that's a pretty good deal. Let me recap for you:



Pretty Pollution are one of the longest standing Partners of the Business Catalyst CMS (not just in Australia, but world-wide). We have more experience than anyone when it comes to advanced Business Catalyst websites.



We don't mark up your hosting costs (we don't think it's fair). We charge you 100% wholesale rates and facilitate invoicing direct from Adobe to you.



Pretty Pollution employs specialist Business Catalyst developers with years of knowledge working with BC, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and HTML (among others). Our developers are hand selected for the particular skill they bring to the team and our clients.



Pretty Pollution doesn't send your work offshore. All work is carried out and backed by our team in Sydney. So you can feel safe knowing corners aren't being cut to maximise profits, and there's no language barrier.



Pretty Pollution offers ONE TO ONE training sessions to anyone (including other Business Catalyst Partners). It's in our best interest that you know what you're doing. It allows us to focus on the important stuff. Like helping you market your business.



Pretty Pollution offers an Advanced Business Catalyst Support help line. We assist ANYBODY that needs help with Business Catalyst (including other Business Catalyst Partners).



Pretty Pollution is not only a website business. Our work in design and marketing is of just as high standard. We'd love to be an outsourced Marketing Team for your business. And we get results.



Nothing they produce is ever less than outstanding."

Anthony - Blue Central

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