Twitter Etiquette

Individuals and businesses are connecting every day to Twitter. The sale of a product or the announcement of a service is not uncommon across the daily Twitterers. So if you’re just like me and have only just jumped onto the bandwagon, then maybe you should take on some Twitter Etiquette advice and hedge yourself from making publically posted mistakes.

First of all, I thought I would point out that all this time we haven’t been on Twitter we have been missing out! Nielsen reported that in a 12 month period from February 2008 to 2009 Twitter grew their unique visitors by 1,382%. There are 7 million people out there that you can be prospecting to. Hello, thats AWESOME!

Let's talk about etiquette – and be prepared. If you do not follow proper etiquette, you could very well offend and lose prospects. 

  • Be willing to share knowledge in your area of expertise. You do this by providing valuable information on Twitter, and also importantly make sure you consistently spread your knowledge. One off is no good!
  • Show your personality. People in the Twitterverse like to interact with real people. But beware of the tight line between Tweets that are engaging and personalised and Tweets that are filled with fluff and nonsense. Tweets that are seen as having no value will most likely turn followers off your business’s perception of being a solution provider.
  • Don't just be about plugging your products and services. You will find that followers will find this annoying and, as a result, unfollow you quickly. No one likes a bragger!
  • There are no secrets on Twitter. It will always be there, so use common sense when tweeting and realize that what you say can always be found!
  • No repeats! Don't post the same message multiple times. Annoying!
  • Social media is about interaction. It's not just a vehicle for self promotion and plugs but, rather, it's a place that you can interact with customers, colleagues, and prospects.
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