Business Catalyst Migration Update

Business Catalyst is moving to its new systems as part of their continued effort to improve the System. Click this blog to find out more about the steps needed to update your websites. Read More...

Business Catalyst Introduces Podcast

Adobe Business Catalyst are excited to have recently released their debut Podcast episode.
Each month Adobe Business Catalyst will post a new podcast episode keeping  listeners up to date with the latest BC product news, introducing members of the team behind BC, plus tips and tricks for building and selling the solution. Read More...

New “slightly different” website!

Pretty designed and implemented an out of the ordinary website for Lola Vs Harper, a high street young ladies fashion label. The brand is shaped around the personality and journey of Lola a young, courageous yet heartbroken girl. How did Lola get her heartbroken? Harper. Read More...

Shilla website is TOP WEBSITE of the month - as voted by Business Catalyst

Pretty Pollution's latest website "Shilla" was voted TOP WEBSITE OF THE MONTH and featured in the latest Business Catalyst newsletter blast. Read More...

New Business Catalyst DNS Tools are good for SEO

For some time now Pretty Pollution has been requesting enhancements to the Business Catalyst DNS tools. Our problem was that we were unable to set the domain to be the {default} domain, and we were unable to redirect the "" to "". As a result we were forced to host our DNS external to Business Catalyst. Read More...

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