Email Marketing Content - 5 Tips to writing it

Email marketing is one of the most efficient digital marketing strategies to build relationships with your customers and engage them. It’s a great way to raise brand awareness by spreading quality content. However there are a few tips that you should consider when writing your email marketing content to ensure you get the best results and avoid unsubscribes.  Read More...

Surfrider. The ocean and its hereos.


Pretty's Internet Debut

First, meet the team behind Pretty’s redesigned
website. You’ll be hearing more from us on Facebook,
Google+ and if you’re not already following us on
Twitter. Get familiar with our mugs in the above photo and feel free to say hello. Left to right - Kate Payton, Chris Smyth, Liam Dilley, Ellie Mendes, Brett Stockley, Rob Stanley, and Matt O’Malley. This is the team behind the re-launch of Pretty 2013 and today I couldn’t be more excited to see the new site and brand re-launch go live. For the last six months our very own Creative Director & the team has been hard at work pulling together all efforts to see the new brand come to life. Read More...

Pretty Loves Business Catalyst Partners

Pretty and Red Cloud

Social Media... You're doing it wrong

Before we get started, Lets test the very striking title of this post. Go to your favourite social media service whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even Linkedin and just look back over your last 10 posts. How many of them have a link back to a product or service on your website? If its less than 2 then stop reading, You're doing it right...However if it's more than that then stick around because "You're doing it wrong". Read More...

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