Surfrider. The ocean and its hereos.


This is the story behind Pretty’s re-imagination of how consumers should instigate in donating on the web. Surfrider Foundation Australia is a not for profit sea-roots organisation dedicated to the protection of Australia’s waves and beaches through Conservation, Activism, Research and Education (CARE). Surfrider organisation has 25 volunteer branches and beach representatives Australia-wide, and the head office based in Sydney. We are also part of a global Surfrider family, with international affiliates worldwide. Australia wanted to show the rest of its affiliates it could make a site that was functional and could produce sales through donations. In a desperate search for the best way forward with their online presence, Pretty brought the clients core challenges to the table and designed and built a site for its audience. After turning inward for several months Pretty began the working hard to bring the following results

The evolution strategy was a comprehensive re-branding across all of their properties Print, digital, even the iconic logo, were all in line for a full makeover. While Ellie Mendes set out to craft the new branding guidelines and identity, our teams dove into research and discovery toward the next generation of surfrider online.

Defined by bold decisions, the challenge to fully disrupt and bring focus to over consumption that the world is causing our oceans. How was this going to be done in the digital space? The plan for Surfrider was aggressive, and that’s the way we like it. The new experience had to be like nothing before, paving for new ground toward the future. Similarly, Pretty has continually pushed the innovation for many iconic brands in the digital space. Staying true we set out to fully reset the bar. So the course was set, there was no doubt we needed a feature-rich and engaging issues that aligned to the updated Surfrider brand, but what we were really after were the pivotal insights into the industry and its audience that would inform our architecture and design.

Many weeks spent in discovering a series of world-class individuals making a difference in the world. Any UX or Visual design was a comprehensive change to deliver on the designated vision. Very quickly the framework took shape, and the website was created.

We invite you to dive in and get familiar with all of the opportunities the new surfrider website offers for discovering and consuming news about conservation in today’s digital landscape. Here’s a quick look at the final results.

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