Social Media... You're doing it wrong

Before we get started, Lets test the very striking title of this post. Go to your favourite social media service whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even Linkedin and just look back over your last 10 posts. How many of them have a link back to a product or service on your website? If its less than 2 then stop reading, You're doing it right...However if it's more than that then stick around because "You're doing it wrong".

"Social media is a place to engage not sell"

Let me explain, Social media is not a place for you to broadcast yourself and sell your services, Chances are if people are already following or liking your social pages then they know what you offer or what you sell. Social Media is a place to "Engage" with your customers. Talk to them, See if they are having a good day...If they aren't, then was it your fault? If so then sort it out, Make it better.

So you are probably thinking "Well if we don't post links to our site about our fantastic products how do we drive traffic and make money". It's simple by engaging with your customers on a support and conversation level will gain customers loyalty. That loyalty turns into revenue for your company. 

Do you remember a recent tweet or post from your timeline that was selling a product or telling you to visit a website to part with your hard earned money? In most cases this would probably be "No". Now do you remember that last tweet from a company that just asked how you day was going? Or sorted a problem out for you without you hanging on the phone to a call centre for 30 minutes trying to speak to somebody in the hope they can help? Chances are you do. So with that in mind when you next want to say "book a flight for your holiday" where will you remember? The company giving you the hard sell or the company that is working hard to support & engage with you.

Remember the 80:20 rule

Obviously we aren't saying that you shouldn't post the occasional sneaky link or special offer into your timeline, That would be crazy talk but what we are saying is to work with the 80:20 rule. 80% customer interaction and 20% promoting. 

Be creative, Think a little bit more about what to post online and in turn your customers will love you for it and in return they will keep coming back to you. 

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