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Search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns are important for all business, big or small.
Research increasingly suggests that consumers rely heavily on search engine results to direct them to product and service purchase decisions. Chances are if you are not ranked on the first few search engine pages you will not be considered in their purchase decision and miss out on valuable business. Therefore all businesses big or small should have a campaign in place.

SEO and SEM are complex processes, which makes it very hard for businesses that have no online marketing experience and limited time and staff.  The good news is that Adobe Business Catalyst simplifies the process by providing tools inbuilt into the Central Management System that automatically implements SEO management for websites. For anyone that hasn't heard about Adobe Business Catalyst it is quickly becoming the leading global choice for businesses wanting to build and manage websites. The Adobe Business Catalyst CMS is based around providing businesses with an easy to use system that has high functionality.


Pretty Pollution is the leading expert in Adobe Business Catalyst and also specialise in SEO management. What can Pretty Pollution do to help your business with SEO?

  • Design and Implementation Adobe Business Catalyst websites
  • Provide one on one training and support for websites and SEO
  • Provide SEM strategy assistance, including implementing blogging and social media platforms. ** this includes strategy, content, design and implementation.

Pretty Pollution’s tips for SEO and SEM:

  • Carefully choose the words you want to rank for and make sure there is content on the website with these keywords
  • Make sure you don’t flood your website content with your chosen keywords, it will attract penalties from Google when they visit your site for SEO placements. Ask a Pretty Pollution expert to find out more about this.
  • Create as many paths to your website as possible eg a cheap way to do this is to advertise your company on many business directories, TrueLocal etc.
  • Get into blogging- it is a highly valuable tool for SEO, ask a Pretty Pollution expert for more information
  • For an additional boost in search engine ranking use Google Analytics (a free tool) along with the inbuilt SEO treatment that is provided by Adobe Business Catalyst

Speak to one of our Adobe Business Catalyst experts about how we can make search engines work for you.
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