Pretty Pollution to present at Adobe MAX Unconference

We're going to Los Angeles...
On Thursday Brett and Matt will be leaving for USA to give a presentation at the Adobe MAX Unconference. We'll be stopping in at Adobe Business Catalyst head offices in San Francisco for a few meetings and to catch up with the Business Catalyst guys before flying out to Los Angeles for the 5 day conference that will attract over 5000 people.

If you're attending ADOBE MAX then stop by to see us. We'll be giving away Free Gifts.

These are the topics we'll be discussing:

Adobe Business Catalyst best practices, trends and secret tips :

  • Intro to Pretty Pollution.
  • E-Commerce customisations that make the difference.
  • SEO techniques you SHOULD use in ALL your websites.
  • Online Marketing. Getting the right leads, converting the leads into sales, How-To guide.
  • Sometimes its acceptable to use Templates. But still have a custom website.
  • Get DNS right! Incorrect DNS setup can drastically affect your clients Google ranking.
  • SIte Setup. All the tricks of the trade that make the difference.
  • Facebook Apps. Where they fit in with Business Catalyst.
  • Using overlays for a better website User Experience.
  • Extended Customer Database Fields, yes we love them. We tell you why. 
  • Our bread and butter work. Learn how to get cashed up $$$.
  • Questions and Answers.

If you're attending Adobe Max or still thinking about it. This session will be 50 minutes of giving away all the tips that we've learned in Business Catalyst since we started using it 7 years ago. It'll be a session not to miss. And at very least, you'll leave with cool gifts.

If you'd like to say hi at Adobe MAX or just have a personal One on One chat about your Business and get some advice. I'm happy to do that. Just leave a comment below and I'll make sure to track you down.

If there's anything in particular you'd like us to cover? Leave a comment and I'll work it into my presentation.

A recording of our presentation is now available online:
Best Practices With Business Catalyst + Q&A by Pretty Pollution

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