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Pretty and Red Cloud

Early 2013 sees Pretty collaborating with fellow partner & creative Agency “RED Cloud Digital”, to develop sites;The Financial Observer,The Insto Report & SMSMagazine. The three article heavy property’s feature the very latest in financial, investment & super headline news.

Working from the designs provided by RC, Pretty built the html and implemented each of the sites to work solely from one single, feature rich WEB APP.  Using the latest TPL extension tags unleashed in the March Business Catalyst release, we developed a myriad of article views and functions. Taking these new enhancements in Business Catalyst even further, Pretty then developed automated email marketing solution using module tags inside email campaigns.  

Understanding the clients need for breaking headlines first, we made it our main priority to keep content management simple, allowing the client to get on doing what they do best – breaking news.  

The reaction to the websites has been intensely positive, with media and advertising placements jumping on board & subscription databases showing serious numbers.

“The (feedback for the ) FO site was very positive. Both from the client and from the industry it goes out to … Team Red Cloud just wanted to say a big thanks!”  – Carmen Watts (Director, RedCloud)   

“Working with RC has been fantastic, we we’re able to hero new features and really optimize the user experience, for both the  client and surfers" - Chris Smyth (Producer, Pretty)

It just goes to show sometimes less, really is more.

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