New: Custom Database Fields in Business Catalyst

It's been a while since I blogged, but I had to comment on this!!!

For about 3 years now I've been bugging anyone at ADOBE who would listen to my rants about further development of Custom Database fields in Business Catalyst. Well my greatest Business Catalyst Wish List Pray has now been answered.
The funny thing is:  This enhancement seems to have been lost in the long list of fancy updates that Adobe Business Catalyst have released recently. However I think we need to stop and applaud this one.

Lets think about this update for a brief minute.

As a Business Catalyst Partner we are now able to:

  • Create Extended CRM database fields
  • Import data into these fields using the advance import spreadsheet
  • Edit and update these fields through a webform
  • Get API access to these fields

So big deal right? No fool.... This new functionality opens a lot of doors. I'll give you one example:

A client of Pretty Pollution is a car dealership that Services and Sells cars across multiple dealership through Australia.

Every month a report is run from the main national CRM system and an excel file is produced that includes the customers Name, Email Address, Whether they purchased a car or had their car serviced, what sort of car it was, who the sales person or service person was etc etc.

This data is then imported into the Business Catalyst Extended Database fields and an EDM List also.

An Email Marketing Campaign is run on the list inviting the customer to participate in a survey. The customer clicks through to a webform at this stage.

When the customer enters their email address into the webform, custom AJAX code is triggered to query the New Custom Extended Database fields and retrieves all the requested information back into the webform. The webform now reads something like this:

Dear {customer_name}

Thankyou for your recent decision to have your {car_make_model} serviced on {service_date} by our qualified technician {technician_name}.

We're always striving to improve the service we offer our clients therefore would appreciate if you could answer the following 6 multiple choice questions.

The six questions go here:

Now what happens next:

The answers to the question will dictate whether a Workflow is triggered to management of not (flagging an issue). There are two variables. If someone has done an outstanding job, or if someone has done a less than satisfactory job. If so a workflow is triggered to management.

A monthly report is also generated and printed to PDF through Business Catalyst Reports and high achievers are rewarded and issues are addressed where customers weren't satisfied.

Here's the BC link if you want to read more

Thanks Business Catalyst, we're looking forward to using Extended Customer Database Fields more and more. And we're reaching out to current clients to enhance what they already have.

If you think Extended Customer Database Fields could be utilised more effectively in your website. Contact me on Live Chat to discuss your options.

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