Christmas Email Campaigns

Christmas is often the most profitable time of year for businesses, why not make the most of it and push your brand with a festive inspired email campaign?
Wish your clients & suppliers Merry Christmas and thank them for their support in 2010 with a gift and e-card. Surprise potential clients with a clever reminder of why they should work with you in 2011. Delight your staff with an inspired treat to reward their efforts this year or even organise your shut down roster & advertise the dates.

There are so many reasons why Xmas email campaigns can work in your favour. The only problem is, you need to make sure you make the most of it. These are my hinters.


Christmas email campaigns can serve to achieve many different goals. The best way to achieve these goals is by thinking simple, what is the one thing that you want your email blast to achieve, is it sales increases, is it building a stronger relationship with your clients & suppliers or is it a technique to track your clients buying habits? Whatever your goals may be, it is crucial to make a strategy and have a clear final destination in mind.


Being creative is CRUCIAL, and I’m not just saying that because we are a design agency... Christmas gives everyone the opportunity to be creative with their emails so try and stand out, make the most of it.

Subject line

Short and directed! Enough said.

Target your emails

Jupiter Research published findings that showed targeted email campaigns can produce a 500% increase in revenue, so get the most out of your Christmas campaign by segmenting customers into groups and tailoring email content to suit. Test & retest the segments till you find your perfect mix.

Seasonal Offers

Everyone looks out for discounts during the holiday season! Make the offers appropriate to the season and your brand. Keep in mind that you don’t want a holiday sales push to decrease the quality perception of your brand. Another great perk of the festive season is to create numerous offers and test through your email campaign the buying behaviour of your clients.

Don’t stop at email

Once you find your target and send out your email blast, make sure you reinforce your message across appropriate mediums. It is important to tastefully remind your targets of your Christmas message.


No one likes to walk into Department stores in September and hear Christmas music, same goes for email campaigns. Do NOT send out a Christmas email campaign before mid November, it's annoying. 

Feel free to contact Pretty Pollution (02) 9954 4477  if you want any advice on email campaigns. Get in quick Christmas is just around the corner!

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