Exciting future ahead for Business Catalyst

There has been a lot of talk lately about what Adobe Business Catalyst have been up to in recent months and where they’re headed. We’ve fielded a lot of question from other partners, hence our blog post on the subject.

What does this mean?

Amazon web services and the infrastructure migration
Adobe has been undergoing some serious system infrastructure changes.
All Business Catalyst websites running on any of the Business Catalyst data centres have been migrating to a 3rd Party hosting solution - Amazon Web service.

Many only know amazon as an online store, but one of the bigger successes of Amazon is the global network and web infrastructure services it offers. Amazons hosts web servers for many of the big players.

Migrating to this new infrastructure for Business Catalyst introduces some big advantages. The system will be more scalable, more reliable and will allow Adobe to better expand Business Catalyst into the future. It also means Adobe can focus more on development and less on technical infrastructure challenges.

This infrastructure development has been taking up a lot of engineering time. But it’s nearing completion. The European and United States data centres are complete, the Australian data centre will be finalised shortly.

“the Adobe vision is becoming clearer, and we think its great”

Enhancements to Search Engine Optimisation
Adobe have been doing more than just Infrastruce enhancements though. Towards the start of 2013 they were focused on SEO enhancement, rolling out multiple consecutive updates to make it easier for customers to control features specific to search, like controlling Metadata and URL structure.

Enhancements to Email Marketing
Engineering recently super-sized the email marketing feature within Business Catalyst. They did a great job to provide us some very powerful tools such as the ability to send email blasts to dynamic reports, the ability to insert module tags into email campaigns, the ability to exclude lists. Very nice!!! This means we can have more control over sending content specific information to customers, and automate the process. This is the trending of direct marketing.

The fact is that Adobe are very busy working on improving the Business Catalyst CMS across the board. It’s moving forward in a very positive direction and it means great things for us as Partners and for our clients as well. But many of the new features are some way off and in various stages of development, but the Adobe vision is becoming clearer. And we think it’s great for the growth of the CMS.

Enhancements to Spam prevention
In September Business Catalyst managed to squeeze in an update to address the ever increasing spam problem that challenges not only BC but all web solutions at the moment.
You can read more about that here:

customisable BC Admin interface
There’s been a lot of talk about a customisable BC Admin interface, and partners are curious what this is and how will it affect them. The plan is for Business Catalyst to open up the Admin interface to developers. For a long time we have all relied on the Adobe engineering team to develop the system and dictate what we can and can’t build in the system. The engineering team are very talented but the fact is, they can’t do everything and please everyone. The BC team knows this, so opening up access to developers to have more control is on the cards.

“having access to these new tools is a real game changer”.

Partners will have the ability to modify the CMS, build applications, leverage from new features, APIs and tools to build more powerful applications. What’s more, partners will be able to buy APPS in a marketplace, and deploy them into their customers websites. Fancy!

Developers like Liam Dilley, who have been pushing the Business Catalyst system or years and has built just about every application you can think of, recently started at Pretty. Liam will now be sharing the web apps he builds at Pretty though a marketplace for anyone to deploy to their sites. Having access to these tools is a real game changer for everyone.

The future
There’s a lot going on at Business Catalyst at the moment. They’re heading in a positive direction. With new infrastructure, the possibility of a new access, and more control, we’re really excited to play with new tools. Pretty have always helped other Business Catalyst Partners achieve great websites using BC. As do our friends at Bosweb. These changes will allow us to help partners even more now than ever before.
Well done Business Catalyst.

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