New Business Catalyst DNS Tools are good for SEO

For some time now Pretty Pollution has been requesting enhancements to the Business Catalyst DNS tools. Our problem was that we were unable to set the domain to be the {default} domain, and we were unable to redirect the "" to "". As a result we were forced to host our DNS external to Business Catalyst.

An important component in Search Engine Optimization (one of many) is to ensure that all domains redirect (properly) to the default domain that you want the search engines to rank you on. In Pretty Pollution's case, we have several URLs for our website and we also have some important incoming links to our website that don't include the www.

However thanks to the Business Catalyst team and the recent enhancements we're now able to centralize our DNS setup back into Business Catalyst and take advantage of the new features and as a result will rank better in the search engines.

**I should take this time to point out - With Business Catalyst all system updates are included FREE of charge, and without tedious and troublesome client-side upgrade paths. Business Catalyst take care of the upkeep of the CMS. And they continue to add new and enhanced features.***

What does this mean for our clients?

If your website is using the Business Catalyst CMS, then you should review your DNS setup. The appropriate default domain should be selected and and other domains should be redirected to the default. We'll be gradually reviewing our client websites and making the changes as required.

If you're unsure about DNS, Search Engine Optimisation, or Business Catalyst then you have a couple of options:

Technical reasons why this release is so important - if you care read on

When you enable the Search Engine Optimization feature in your Business Catalyst website a sitemap.xml file is created which allows the search to recognize your website. If you add ../sitemap.xml to the end of your website you'll see this file. With the new Business Catalyst update, you can properly control how your website is presented to Google and the other search engines.

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