Pretty's New Handshake

Our business cards are the small detail that make Pretty stand out. When we hand them out, people stop and are prompted to ask questions or give comments. It’s been our pleasure to create something small yet delightful. We are proud of our leave-behind and would like to hear what you think of this little feat of quality.

Our next round of business cards went from a slim, rectangular-shaped design to a white/pink/black color palette. The front of the card sparsely displays our logo, the back shows title, url and contact information.

Pretty is switching it up to a bold PINK color. PINK is the new black. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you our newest Pretty business card designs with our newly-appointed Pretty-branded pink color. Set against the secondary brand colors of black and white, the pink makes a clean, graphic design. Never at a loss for details, the Pretty business cards carry foil and letterpress finishes with a thick stock feel for premium quality finish. Look at that rich, vibrant pink. Hot, right?


Watch our Producer Chris show off our new business cards while explaining how we’ve retained our high quality of work.

Pretty's New Handshake from Pretty on Vimeo.

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