Adobe Max 2014 Keynote

Adobe Max 2014 keynoteIt is that time of year again where Adobe show off all the new and best works and offerings they have along with a look at the future they hope to bring to the creative community. Pretty with its passion for the web, digital marketing and creativity across the board had to be there to find out and also involve itself with everything BC taking place at the conference.

Adobe Max 2014 Keynote Opening

First up of course is that amazing intro only Adobe know how to do:


Adobe Max 2014 Keynote: new releases

Adobe of course announced new releases of many of the Creative Cloud software offerings but there was a lot more focus on mobile being a fundamental development tool for your workflows.

The big new change for Creative Cloud was the introduction of the Profile which Adobe says will bring all the applications closer together and better integrate the mobile applications into your creative process.

The other very interesting news is the public beta of its Creative SDK which enables applications from mobile to desktop to make API requests to the big Adobe Cloud Machine to do processing for them such as complex Photoshop like effects and send them back the results for example. This could be very interesting for both Adobe products and 3rd party alike.

Adobe Brush CC

For me this is one of the mobile apps that caught my eye, It is a great little app that allows you to take a photo of an object, trim it, remove the noise around it, mould it into a working brush with great preview as you do so. What do you do with it then? Well you can save it as an asset. Which leads me to talk about Assets.
Adobe has introduced Assets amount all it's family, it allows you to scrap those slicing and multi file object saving hassles and create an asset in any application. This is uploaded to your Creative Cloud profile and accessible where element in the right applications. WOW!
This means that brush you just made can be used in just a few movements of syncing in photoshop.

Adobe Shape CC

This was another cool app, in the same design and user experience as Brush, this allows you to take a snap of any object, typography or scene in the world and create a digital vector from it. You have options to play with the quality and detail and then, as a true vector asset allow you to open it in Illustrator and refine it further. No one mentioned it but I could see some great use to create more free flowing fonts. It was pretty cool.

Today’s updates to Creative Cloud should be live by the end of the day and being under the CC umbrella come free of charge. The new and updated mobile apps are free to everyone as well, which is awesome.

Adobe did talk about Dreamweaver and photoshop, how you can live preview photoshop elements in the creative cloud, Dreamweaver has more integration handling with photoshop, new illustrator touch friendly experiences and more - it was a lot but they were nothing other software has not already or is doing first. It is just good to see some of the Adobe family integrations coming together.

The Big Microsoft bit

Throughout most of the keynote, Adobe talked about mobile experience and Apple was everything, all the apps run on IOS, everything was shown using an ipad or iphone. But then things change. The CEO of Microsoft comes out with the Adobe CEO to talk about their relationship.
Microsoft and Adobe of course have ties for some time, they are big companies and Adobe runs on Microsoft.
There has been more then one article though on how Apple is a closed book till they choose to open a page up for you. For companies like Adobe it can be hard to innovate and push for new boundaries in their software if they do not know what is happening with the software. Microsoft on the other hand has had some issues with a a number of big misses (Windows 8) and are more open to get more on their offerings.

Microsoft clearly want more creative people on PC then Mac or at lest grab some of this mobile pie Adobe are investing it. Very interesting.

The best moment for me was the use of camera and touch technology to create easier and greater scope forms of animation with new software in the works by Adobe.... Animators will be able to do a lot more with less really soon!

Adobe Max 2014 Full Keynote

If you like you can watch the full keynote here:

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